Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm going nutso...
Music: Guns 'n' Roses - 'Paradise City'

I'm so nervy lately, ever have one of those nights when every creak, every sound is a crazed, drooling, weapon toting madman with a swagbag intent on having all your worldly possesions and possibly killing you dead? That was last night for me, I think I had several small heart attacks and nedlessly scared myself silly and I'm exhausted from broken sleep. I hate it. It's a crap feeling, I don't like feeling in such a vunerable position.

While I'm here, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh did Harry Potter rock? Indeed it did, even the atmosphere in the cinema was awesome :D Grown adults hooting and hollering and shouting 'it's starting, it's starting!!!!' lol! And it was packed! It's a little darker than some had anticipated (though it works, but i'm biased hehe!) and yeah... I think I'm utterly in love with Rupert Grint hahahaha!

Blogger Colin Brooks said...

I was feeling like this last Tuesday. I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to move my body to the other side of the bed. That's when I felt something cold touching my shoulder. My eyes wide open spotted my 19inch mirror standing on the bed right next to me. At first I though my evil housemate was trying to be funny, then my mind started working and realised I may have a ghost living in the same house as me.

It took me 30 minutes to figure out I did it myself in my sleep. I do not remember doing it but it is the only logical explanation...

Back to the point, in the 30 minutes it took me to figure this out I was shaking like a Polaroid picture thinking that it was some villain in my room trying to have his fun before killing me in one of those ceremonial ways we see in thrillers.

Never watching "Saw" again.

8:01 PM  
Blogger mD said...

eep!!!!!!!!! OMG! Now that would freak me waaaaaaaaaaaay out!!!!! Maybe you do have a soul trying to gain attention? (unless your now 100% you must have done it) I'm always an advocate of communication of taking quiet time and asking out, (even f nervous) trying to help them, but that's me, it's not of course everyones belief or cup of tea, can only be an interesting experience though and worth a try heh!

(um, yeah, damn it, now I gotta see 'Saw' )

6:06 AM  

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