Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kong and other tales...
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Wow... I can't put in words the awesome, phenomenalness that is King Kong (obviously I am just back from seeing heh! I needed distracting) Just go see!!!!! It felt a little slow to start with but that might have been because I was all 'show me the monkey!' 'SHOW ME THE MOOONKEY!!!!!!!' Then they hurted the monkey and me and a little kid (who was with his dad) sat next to me both cried. Yes, I am that incredibly lame. But I defy you not to fall in love with Kong and wish that blondie would have just stayed with the great ape when she had the chance, it's all very emotional.. My opinion = we'd all be better just staying with the giant monkey should we find ourselves in that particular situation.. Also, I don't think I will be able to watch Jack Black again without wanting to smush his face in and scream 'look what you did!! The monkey was nice, he was nice damn you and it's all your fault he got all hurted and fell of a building and I cried!' *cough*..

In the continuing 'make mD feel better project' I did what every self respecting gal does when feeling a little miserable, broke or not, and bought me a corsety top thing, yup that one right there. I am happy.

ps. Town sucked, I'm now I'm going to watch even more things on a smaller screen.
the end.

Blogger gregor said...

corsety thingy is wicked cool.
looking forward to seeing Kong with my daughters for our annual Christmas Eve dad and daughters movie night out. Twenty one years straight, ever since my oldest was three.
Arrgh... I feel old.

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Thurisaz said...


very nice!! i do like corset type thingies (not wearing them i hasten to add) lol

hmm undicided if i want to see kong or not or weather i'll ever get the time!

well i'm 23 shows in and 43 to go! wooperty doo! get this panto out of the way and go strait into.. another panto! and i've got to light, sound, stage, fx and help produce this one! gaaa i'll stop moaning now! lol

11:34 AM  
Blogger mD said...

annual Christmas Eve dad and daughters movie night out. Twenty one years straight, That is so sweet! You better let me know what you make of the movie! :D (old.. pfffffft!)

Hehe! More images for my 'Thur in strange clothing' image collection lol! But really, yay! the corsety is so pwetty and it was only £17 total bargain! *blinks!* ohhh you must see Kong!!!!! It's worth the effort :)

O...M..G!... I'm exhausted just reading all that you have to with work right now! *faints*

1:06 PM  
Blogger Mr Wabbit said...

Wow. Now that's a nice corset. The contents ain't bad either.

Mainly just saying hi to people after a long absence from blogspot, so hi there cutie. Have a good yule/solstice/whatever you wanna call it.

- ex-lilbunnyrabbit

9:07 PM  
Blogger Audrey said...

Mmm. She's hot. I can only imagine what it's going to look like on you ;o) Happy Solstice!

4:33 PM  

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