Friday, December 09, 2005

Music: Cinderella - 'Nobody's Fool'

Yayness, our tree is finally up, and the cat thinks this is the most sparkly, cool thing it's seen all year lol! Man, she has taken so many ornaments out it's unreal but I've generally been laughing way to hard at her 'get the ball thing' game to shout at her, softy that I am. Imma report her for abuse of kitty cuteness :b

In other events, I finally managed to do some xmas shopping. I have been putting it off scared to death of the crowds in the city and of what violent act I may be driven to in frustration. Cause yeah... don't tell me you don't want to explode and pop someone when trying to shop at this time of year. Anyway, I didn't have to go into town, my mum and I took off to another city a few miles away that wasn't nearly quite as insane and although I didn't think I would find anything I shopped like a pro hehe! Now a little less stressed (though I still need to get into town as I'n not quite done on the shopping yet *quakes*), and pressies wrapped It's bedtime.

So much to say after 8 days, I'm tired, I have no life, sue me :D

Blogger vampyregirl said...

you are so more organized than me, we still have no tree, no prezzies, no nothing....I think we maybe skipping christmas....

2:58 AM  
Blogger wizo said...

And that is why I did my Xmas shopping at the start of November *grins*

My cat loves Christmas trees too, but it's gonna be even more hectic this year with the new kitten too. I end up redecorating the tree nearly every day...grrr, lol.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Thurisaz said...

hey hey

lol glad u and kitty are having fun!

i keep getting a weird feeling that i've upsett u some how

i know i've been a bit mother hen lately sorry

guess panto blues has kicked in early and i've had hardly n e sleep which may go to explain it


12:54 PM  
Blogger mD said...

oh my lol! If only I was organised lol! If it wasn't for my brother getting the tree and doing all the decorating, and mum poking at me to get out and start the shopping I might still be looking bewildered and stressed and still thinking rather than doing heh! Awwwwwwww! you can't skip xmas ;)

I always promise I'll start shopping earlier... but year after year, yup I'm spacing out and wondering what the hell I'm gonna do about a week before lol! *squeak!* the ickle kitty must be so amazed and amused with teh sparkley tree! Awwwwwww!!!!

OMG! Thur!!! *huggles* nooooo! you'd never upset me or anything of the sort! :) I'm just being a bit of a couch potato at the moment and not great at checking my phone (mums obsession has put me right off the things lol!) Just make sure your keeping good care of you, remember I know how hectic it gets for you this time of year!

8:51 PM  

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