Monday, January 23, 2006

Yesterday was barftastically competitive...
Music: S.O.A.D - 'Toxicity'

I spent lots of it throwing up (I threw up so much I think that stuff in there from 1971 was finally set free) then the cat decided it should throw up too seeing as I was doing such a fine job and she hates to be left out. I now don't have my fuzzy, warm dressing gown any more as sadly it was in the cats path. I still won hahahahahahahahahaha! *cough*

Blogger gregor said...

hmmm... cat barf. ugh. got three to clean up after here. they seem to make a contest of it. then, of course, the hound feels left out, so...
hope yer feeling better. i feel like i'm dying right now, all kidding aside. blech.

1:24 AM  
Blogger mD said...

The kitty 'I'm throwing up now ' noises make me shiver *eeeeeeeeeeeeek* and annoyingly you can't chase 'em unless you want to be claning up a 3 mile radius and in places you can't get into to heh! I demand no dying ;) Hope your doing better too, sounds like a rough old bug you got you...

7:07 PM  
Blogger gregor said...

chasing sick kitties through the halls of the manor, trying to throw newspaper in front of them so they barf on it is not my idea of sport...
just got a report from the doctor today, apparently I have some sort of degenerative bone disease which is causing my vertebrea (sp?) to collapse upon themselves, which, in turn is irritating my spinal cord, causing it to swell up, hence the pain and sick feelings. sounds like surgery in the near future. ugh. I'll keep you posted.
love the webcam pic, by the way... so innocent looking...

10:47 PM  
Blogger Bitchet said...

cool site.. but what about your taste in music??? Are you info any older goth or alternative bands???

1:31 AM  

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