Sunday, February 26, 2006

Miss me? Heh!
Music: Within Temptation - 'Stand My Ground'

My wonderful isp can go 'suck a fuck' (guess who's overdone it on the watching Donnie Darko lately haha!). However, it's now aliiiiiiiiiiiive, alive I tell you!!! no thanks to the aforementioned 'service' provider who's only service to me lately was to make me spend day after day repeating myself to a call center in Pakistan while I waited for non returned phone calls and ripped my hair out. Only after phoning a general complaints number did I get anyone who actually started the ball rolling, though they too did tell me things were happening that were indeed bull. Having given them a couple of days and another 'where the fuck are you people' rant an engineer finally arrived and did what they should have done at the beginning and upgraded a crapped out data cable that was affecting not only me but had knocked out the service of, apparently, 19 other houses around us as it was refusing to recognize the DSL line. Funny then that initially when the interweb failed and I phoned a free number which runs an automated list of areas having issues and what's happening we were never mentioned and never were. Asses...... I wasn't crazy, I didn't do anything to anything or change anything, there was no faulty equipment, because yes it was all replaced when you sent me out a new reuter, micro filters etc you just seem to want have people threatening to throw themselves and the machines out of windows before you will admit defeat and deign to honor us with an engineer who fixed the whole thing in minutes for everyone. I'll stop now, got my blood all angry again lol!

Now that I'm done with that, well there really wasn't much else to tell. It's been a quiet month and the beginning of next month sees mum going in for surgery (Wednesday coming) so things have been and will be a little up and down. The closer it gets the more the frightened and worried human being can be seen.

To finnish before I go shower, get dressed and all that boring stuff, I leave you with the quizness that was about to be uploaded when the net went kaboom hehe!

mDark --


Fuzzy to the touch

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?'

Fuzzy eh? lol! Me?!


You will go to jail for:
Stalking Angelina Jolie

Take this quiz at

Well, if i'm going to be locked up for stalking anyone.... lol lol!

Blogger gregor said...

HA! I was defined as "a real life muppet"!
Glad to see you back, I was beginning to get worried.

10:59 PM  
Blogger mD said...

OMFG! That's too crazy lol lol! *still giggling!* Thankies hun, and no worries I'm not going anywhere for good yet, if I do decide to go for good the world will know and I'll implode the interweb as I leave mowahahahahahahahahahah!

12:33 AM  
Anonymous Ins said...

yeah... looks like we're in the same hole again Darkie! im just gonna tell my ISP to fuck-off... im kicking them out, Phone, TV and all too... I can get all 3 for cheaper anyways with Cable...

BTW, on that fuzzy test I got "A person who is constantly high" and on that Jail one I got "Accidentally finding area 51"

4:28 PM  
Blogger mD said...

I swear to the gods if this thing goes again they will be surgically removing the router from someones ass lol! Or maybe I'll spare myself an assult charge and try tivoli (sp?) which is about the only isp at this rate I haven't tried yet heh!

Damn, I want area 51 lol!

3:08 PM  
Blogger wizo said...

Heh, my definition:

Lindsay (adjective) Full of bees

2:10 PM  
Blogger mD said...

awesome lol lol!!! And now because I am sharing eddie izzards brain I can't help shouting 'heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp I covered in beeeeeeeeees! hehe!

8:59 PM  

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