Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It could only happen to me...
Music: The Rasmus - 'Sail Away'

It seems that the older I get the more my body is refusing to put up with in this world. It hates me and I hate it right now... Yes I'm feeling sorry for myself. My weekend was fantastic, the hen night rocked and went better than expected given my nerves at meeting new people but then I awoke Sunday morning to my head burning and covered in excema and my eyes swollen shut and in agony with the pressure. I tried to cope throught the day using cold compresses but it got worse and worse and so my friends had to give me a ride to the emergency doc out there.

It was fairly obvious a severe allergic reaction, apprantly a delayed one to the hairdye I had used on the Thursday before I left. It's not like I hadn't used this stuff before but my body likes to surprise me with it's new little meltdowns and my skin overreacts like a fucking psycho the moment anything tests or stresses out my body at all. So now I'm back home with half a chemist full of lotions, potions and pills to try and settle this down and it's taking it's sweet time, my eyes are still quite puffy and my face and scalp (and ears) are red, sore and scabbed. Wonderful, give me a couple of years and I will be living in one of those bubble things. I'm so stressed out about using anything on my skin/head now except prescription emmoliants, moisturisers and shampoo.

Anyway, I'm going to give these eyes a little break from this screen in a moment for now. Plus the pills are knocking me out and wobbly heh!


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