Sunday, May 28, 2006

Music: HIM - 'Wicked Game'

I have been low and in a foul frame of mind with this fucking skin lurgy of mine and also driven to tears. I went to the docs who's one great idea was to give me antibiotic cream. WTF?!!!!!!!!! I'm sitting there with my ears almost eaten away and crusty from the acidic fluid running down my scalp with my hair stuck to me and spots now appearing all over my body and this was the only option? I went home, used it for a couple of days to no avail and after another bout of tears my mum had had enough and phoned casualty (i never got last time...) demanding I got to see a skin specialist, that an animal would not have been allowed to be left this way for any length of time let alone how long I'd been dealing with this.

So, after a bit of a fight, I got to see someone with a fucking clue. He was awesome, was appalled at what had been going on with other docs and basically said he was going to hammer this with some powerful gear, so 1 day after seeing him and getting started on the antibiotics, lotions and potions for my 'acutely infected Eczema' i am beginning to win the war. Fuck you lurgy ha! I am itchy as hell, but it's dying down on my body (I think it all stems from the head like it's just going through the blood stream), my head had stopped dripping and corroding my ears and i'm a little more otimistic. I may even be able to go out in a few days, woop! Downside is that there may be hair loss due to the skin being so inflamed and damaged, that dear people, sucks. My hair is so fine anyway that it will be even more noticable on me =( but it will come back and maybe it won't be as bad as he thought, my hair was all tied back and stuck to me (gods the grossness) and as mentioned is fine anyway so perhaps it looked worse than it is.

Anyway, now that I've made everyone puke lol! i'm going to go cover me in more awesome lurgy killing stuff.

Blogger Stello said...

Awww.. sounds bad! =/

Still, it's not @rserot (persmätä), so there's Something positive =D

5:41 PM  
Blogger mD said...

hehehe! 'persmätä' olet myös hauska lol! thnks for the giggle hun, much needed lol!

3:48 AM  

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