Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kiss my scabby, lurgy infected ass.....
Music: Rammstein - 'Mann gegen Mann'

Who's idea was it to 'lock' phones in the first place, tell me so I can kill them to death. I am agitated, I am itchy, I am angry and depressed and in no mood to be messed with. Best option, run away from me very fast. I was with a certain phone provider for years, I like 'em and i'm a very loyal sort. My bro for xmas bought me a phone i was drooling over but it was only available at the time on another network. I decided today I want to change back to my original provider, got me the pac code and everything I needed to keep the same number since everyone has had it for so long and turns out I still need a 'subsidy code' So that I can use this sim card in this phone. I phone the neccessary provider who tell me no problem and it's free, just give them the model and where it was bought. They the tell me this model is not registred as a virgin handset, they did not lock it and only the carphonewharehouse who purchased it from them can fix it. I phone them, they tell me i am a criminal and they won't do this thing, give me the code..

So I am now phoneless, die fucks.... kthanks...

Blogger Nikki said...

bastards. i had to live without my phone for a weekend and it sucked. i can only imagine...

6:51 AM  
Blogger mD said...

huzzah! I found an old phone of mine (wrapped up in a plastic bag in my drawer lol!)from before the time of locking hehe! So the card works, sadly though there is no money on it and the number doesn't change over for a week but it caan be used on the temp number they gave if needed.

And sometime before the week is up this lil criminal is going to a shop she knows where some dude will unlock my good phone for a small fee (dammit). I'm such a rebel, yeah...

6:37 PM  
Anonymous ins said...

would of been me, soemone would of had a Phone for lunch... I would have shoved it down someones throat... then again having Jerk spit all over sucks too...

but yeah, Cell providers suck, on either side of the world, they give you crap and expect you to swallow it and bow to them... never heard any of them say "sorry" when they fuck up... it always comes down to being YOUR fault somehow... assholes

12:49 AM  
Blogger mD said...

If only I had been in close enough physical proximity I would have done just that and shoved it down his throat lol! We basically just went round in circles until he was on the verge of hanging up, the dick... All is fixed now, had to go into town and got it unlocked while I was there, although when i got home the battery died and I put it on the charger but it was flat dead and wouldn't charge, I thought the guy broke it and was freaking out until I discovered I had hooked it up to the mp3 player charger.... yup, I ArE dUmB heh!

2:18 AM  

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