Thursday, October 05, 2006

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No, it's a fucking update yaaaaaaaaaaaaar! :b How did so much time go by... sheesh, anyway I can hear the thuds from the much fainting that there is finally new wordiness here. Missed me? lol!

So.... what have I been up to, since it been so long there would be too much writing involved and my hands would fall off so i'll keep it short and sweet. I have been in Finland (there is video evidence if you know where to look lol!) it was fantastic, Helsinki rocks full stop. I have been learning Finnish, it's a slow process mainly, because as I think I've mentioned before, I had my finnish grammer gland removed at birth heheh! That seems to be the one thing my brain will not compute but it's getting better.

I have also decided to move to Scotland, this is a biiiiiig thing and it's happening at the end of the month. I'm excited and can't wait but I am also so terrified. If I thought too much I might just hyperventilate or something lol! I have thrown myself in at the deep end though.. no matter how horrifying it is or I will be 60 and still living above the the garage of my parents house. Does this mean I am growing up? Hell no :b I may be in a different place, with different and more responsibilities but dear ickle me intends to remain as quirky as ever thankies. Haha I am so scared lol! Guess I better get over it considering in a couple of years it may be Finland that I am blogging from woot! We shall see.

Well, I think I'd better go maybe get showered and dressed and such seeing as it's after 1pm ...opppppppps.

Oh yeah, before I go, obviously the move means I'm looking for work and I have some application forms already. Can I just say 'Fuck forms' you suck. I'm 35, I don't remember what the hell happened last week nevermind what my GCSE results were some odd 15/17 years ago or whatever, nor do I remember days months and years of every damn 'period of employment' never mind that I have been out of the work arena for so long with health issues, I am scared to death of new things and people, social anxiety by the bucketfull and you just can't explain all this crap on a form. It just stresses me out and makes me want to write bullshit but then my paranoia sets in and I think 'they'll find out, they'll find out!' and then I'll be expelled like a leper lol!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

um, you're back and yet...not? what? i think i've been hitting the books to hard to understand what i just read. lol. glad you're not deaded! :)

11:33 PM  

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