Sunday, February 18, 2007

Well well, I still keep coming back don't I heh!
Music: Steen1 - 'Pikkupirihuora'

Lets play catch up... I have moved to Scotland, actually got a job and have decided '9 to 5' was soley designed to torture me. I can't describe the hatred for the mundanity and utter annoyance of simply working, coming home, cleaning up and going to bed to repeat it again. again and so on... Life wasn't meant to just pass in that sort of a repeatative blur.... I want more than that, don't know what it is but just... more. Lets move swiftly on, I know i'm kidding myself. The people wanting rent for the flat, money for electricity, food etc don't give a rats ass about my aspirations, they only take cash.

I spent about 3 months in a flat until the upstairs neighbors got pissed that we thought their 24/7 fucking stomping and noise was about enough and complained. Their response? To knock our door, wait till we answered as we would bcause we had never seen or spoken to them directly before, and then rush us and physically attack, threaten and hurt us. I'm female, 4 foot 8 etc not big..... real brave guys, real brave. We spent a few days with alarms and under a quick response with the police if we phoned. We decided to move real quick. Both of us are highly anxious and flighty people, staying, waiting for round 2 did not seem an option. And there you have it, I just want want back to Finland now where I felt safe and healthy.

Anonymous Tarrnna said...

*sneak sneak sneak POUNCE* Gotcha!!!! :D Hey hun, sorry to hear things have been as crazy for you as they have for me. But SOOOOOO glad to be back in the loop and where I can chat with you again. Hope to catch you on soon. *HUGE HUGS*

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Darkie,
Long time, no talk...Don't worry, I'm not here to start bugging ya, just wanted to say I'm really glad you moved out and ventured back out in the world! Sorry to hear about your attract the assholes, don't cha? Anyway, I hope things are going great for you, you deserve the best. Have a good night!
- Eldri
p.s. If for some strange reason you feel like dropping me a line, you can email me at Take care!

6:57 AM  
Blogger mD said...

You have no idea missy T ;) missed ya like crazy :) Eldri.... You are far from bothering me sweetie, i truly hope your life has all you desire, you are very, very sweet and deserve good too :)

2:35 AM  

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