Sunday, May 20, 2007

And now, back to your regularly
scheduled programme ... or whatever the hell this

I gave myself a break, I went to Croatia. (which incidentally is beautiful and unspoiled right now, get there and experience this amazing place before it's too late) I jumped in the Adriatic fully clothed, I ran through sprinklers in a safari park for a giggle and got on a coin operated horse thing for kids that only I could get on being as small as I am. In fact all the people that missed it paid to make me do it again because they were pissed they'd missed me being an ass the first time lol! I also cheated the having to pay for the toilets thing in Europe by squeezing through the little cut outs they had for kids, a few others tried but couldn't get their asses through lmao! What else........ oh yup, on a boat I did the whole titanic thing much to everyones amusement, was asked if I worshiped the devil and earned the nickname 'spikey' because of pieces of jewelery. I was also informed by some all knowing font of knowledge that as opposed to 1% of the European population 5% of the Irish population apparently have some degree of psychosis. Not perfect timing since I already felt my sanity left something to be desired...

Anyway, I am still a little fragile,down not least because after a holiday reality has sat me down, slapped me upside the head and said 'what, you thought that was a long term thing did ya? Welcome back sucker!' I would still probably burst into tears if you looked at me sideways as the saying goes. I am kept going by the fact that I finally booked my flight to Helsinki for August today. *dances! I am broke, don't know how or where the money to cover it is coming from and I don't care because if I do I will hyperventilate.

Speaking of Helsinki, that made me think of Eurovision, I just have to say it was recorded for me and I was just back in the middle of the night from Croatia and very tired after driving for a day and a half through various countries. I was indeed convinced that the UK entry 'Scooch' was 'Steps' on crack.


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