Thursday, February 14, 2008

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When is life not? I however have become very, very tired of people making it overly so and turning the most mundane situations into the sort of life or death 'drama' that's fit for a fucking soap. Fuck off, I can't fucking breath anymore, I will not be fucking given a dressing down by anyone a mere year older than me like a fucking errant child beause they happen to be your parent and we share a flat and you are certifiable... I am very real, I will most certainly fuck up and make mistakes, I am not your mother, nor perfect. I am not something you trott out when the bills need paying, there is cleaning to be done or food needed then stick back in her room until next time much as it seems tha would be your ideal. Count yourself fucking lucky it's me in this houese cause I am damn sure not so bad. Wow I said fuck a lot and you know.... I don't fucking care HA! And I feel better, good gods the relief.

On another note while I'm in rant mode and in a kinda inspired by Miss M vein: I work part time for a reason, my health. My bones and various other items are shot and everything hurts most of the time. Now they wouldn't hurt so much if my job didn't have such a physical nature at times and remember for soemone who has been out of work for over 5 year before that being thrown straight into full on full time work mentally and phyiscally would be a kick in the teeth regardless of the health issues I face, so no I'm not going to do that to myself for my own sanity. So the next time you want to tell me that it's ridiculous that 'a perfectly capable' person such as myself should be working full time when perhaps I mention that money is tight or I'm trying to keep some by for some reason you better bite me before I bite you buddy. Don't assume or presume to think you know me or understand why I choose to do what I do. It's not always simply a case of laziness or lack of good old brain power.

While on the topic of work don't fucking dare tell me what times or shifts I should have or being doing because you don't like yours and decided (11 years ago) to have a child. You have no knowledge of why I have chosen not to or even if it is an option I have do you? What biatch? I'm just suppossed to run off to work with eager anticpation every day and be waiting at the door then home to bed and wait to repeat because my life is obviously responsibility free and unfulfilled there is nothing else to do with it right and no reason for me to want or need anything else is there. No reasons that perhaps I might occasionally want to go home early too? That there is a life beyond work when you don't/ can't have kids and that your entitled to it too without guilt? There are those at my place of work with very, very young children and I completely understand that their issues are different from yours and with daycare and stuff things may need changed around a little. Your just scared yours will be becasue you don't want to stay late, or close up. Don't goad or bully me because you percieve I wouldn't and shouldn't be doing anything else anyway and I agreed that the manager was right to as much as possible share and spread the shifts out so that everyone if possible got a fair shot at late starts and some early finishing so you had some part of the day to do something with.

Wow.... well I am tired and done now... If you got all the way through that you get a cookie lol!

Blogger gregor said...

that was soul cleansing, what?

11:03 PM  
Blogger Baphomet'sUnholySon said...

Whoa...*high5*...Now I'd like my cookie

3:39 PM  

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